Come Work with Us!

As the Commons expands, we’re expanding our team! We’re seeking a technical lead to join us at MSU. As our job posting notes, we’re looking for an up-and-coming leader in academic WordPress development, with a commitment to building and maintaining a large-scale scholar-focused network. The successful candidate will also have outstanding organizational and interpersonal skills, deep intellectual curiosity, and the ability to work both independently and collaboratively on a distributed team.

More details are available both in the job posting and in our introduction to the position, the team, and the hiring process.

Let us know if you have questions; we hope to hear from you!

[An UPDATE to this update: we’ve just been informed that there’s an HR glitch in the official MSU posting, which is going to disappear for a bit. We’ll update the update to this update once it’s been, um, updated.]

[A further UPDATE to the update: the position has been corrected and reposted. Please contact us with any questions!]

Update to Guidelines for Use

Upon reviewing the new Guidelines for Use, we discovered that we failed to include one key update, which communicates our intention that accounts be associated with individuals rather than entities, and that those accounts represent their owner’s professional identities. The following text has been added to the Guidelines:

Humanities Commons accounts are intended for individual use. While Humanities Commons does not maintain a “real name” policy, as a professional network we ask your account be associated with your professional identity. Entities such as projects, journals, or organizations should be represented via the network’s Group functionality rather than through accounts. We reserve the right to suspend accounts that are not associated with individuals.

Please let us know if this raises questions for you, or if we can help with converting entity accounts into groups.