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You have questions? We have answers! (Email us at hello@hcommons.org if you have other questions we should address here.)

When will all of this change be happening?
Check our Timeline for the latest information.
Will there be downtime involved?
There will be moments of downtime as we cut over from MLA to MSU hosting (probably around October 19) and as we transition the CORE repository from Columbia to MSU (probably October 24-25). We'll post more specific notices as we pin down those times.
Why are you migrating to MSU?
The Commons requires a fiscal sponsor that can help support its staffing needs as well as its accounting and legal requirements. A university like MSU has the infrastructure and personnel that can help support the network as we work toward full sustainability.
Yes, sure, but why MSU?
Michigan State University has a long history of innovation in digital humanities. The director of Humanities Commons, Kathleen Fitzpatrick, moved to MSU in 2017 and established an R&D group, MESH Research, whose work focuses on the future of scholarly communication. That group, which is a co-venture of the College of Arts & Letters and the MSU Libraries, will be taking the lead in Commons support and development.
Where can I see the updated Terms of Use and Privacy Statement?
The Terms of Use and Privacy Statement that will come into effect at the conclusion of the migration process are linked in this sentence.
Will the base URL for Humanities Commons change?
No! Humanities Commons will continue to live at hcommons.org.
Where will the new Commons hub live?
We expect to host the new Commons hub -- the meta-Commons? -- at commonshub.org.
And the other new disciplinary hubs?
Those will live at socsci.hcommons.org and stem.hcommons.org.
What about the URL of the site I built on Humanities Commons?
The URL of your site will remain the same -- yoursite.hcommons.org. If you would like to make that site more visible to users of the Social Science Commons and STEM Commons networks, we can migrate it for you to yoursite.commonshub.org. Contact us for more information.
How can my organization or institution join the Commons?
Contact us at hello@hcommons.org and we'll be happy to provide more information.
How can I add Social Science or STEM Commons to my profile?
Awesome question! We don't know yet, but we'll tell you as soon as we do!