The Commons is built on WordPress, and makes use of BuddyPress and the integrations developed by the Commons In A Box team at the CUNY Graduate Center, as well as a wide range of additional plugins and themes.

The Commons implements a custom WordPress multi-network architecture. This architecture allows multiple WordPress networks, each with a base site and sub-sites, to operate using a single instance and a shared user base.

Our identity management system is a SAML-based authentication and authorization stack deploying tools including COmanage, Grouper, SATOSA, SimpleSAML, PWM, and OpenLDAP.

Where possible, we deploy and build on open-source code. Code developed by the MESH Research team is released on GitHub.

Information for Contributors

The Commons codebase is open-source and we welcome contributions from the community. We are working to develop contributor documentation and guidelines. Until then, if you are interested in contributing to Commons development, please contact us.